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Create artistic effects on photos

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Good for:

Creating artistic effects on photos.

How it works:

When you open the app, it will prompt you to select either a photo from the phone’s image gallery or an image from the files. After you’ve selected the image, it will appear on the phone screen in the app. At the bottom right corner of the screen is a green arrow. Click the green arrow to reveal an extensive menu of 41 filter effects, including painterly effects like Oil, photographic effects like Exposure and generally fun effects like Triangle Ripple, Kaleidoscope and Sparkle. When you have selected your effect, the app will allow you to adjust various values to refine the look of that effect and you can preview this and make adjustments until you are pleased. 

Kobi tried the Kaleidoscope effect on a photo of fairy lights in a glass jar and the result was pretty, and pretty spectacular! 

If you love what you’ve created, you can click the green down arrow on the bottom left to download your masterpiece.  

The good:

The range of 41 filter effects, when Kobi reviewed it on 6 March 2023, is impressive!

Kobi tried 23 filters and all of them created interesting effects he found beautiful. 

The bad:

Not exactly bad, but Kobi couldn’t figure out what the Gamma filter did, as the two photos he tried with this looked the same after, even though he tried changing the value to the max of 2.0. 

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Review Date: 6 Mar 2023

Last Updated: 26 April 2023