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Claims to have meanings of over 100,000 English words, but some common words are not found.

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Good for:

Claims to have meanings of over 100,000 English words offline, but some common words are not found.

How it works:

While this dictionary can function offline, the first time you start using the app, you will need an internet connection (wifi or data) to download the contents of the dictionary. 

After that, you can enter a word into the search bar to find its meaning. The dictionary shows the various definitions of the word and examples of how to use it.

This app uses the Webster unabridged English dictionary. 

When Kobi reviewed this app on 14 February 2023, the app stated its upcoming features would include pronunciations, synonyms and multiple languages. 

The good:

The design of the interface was pleasant and the font size easy to read. 

The bad:

When Kobi tested it, an ad popped up three times to block the whole screen while he was typing the word ‘ambivalent’ into the search bar. These interruptions were very annoying and wasted Kobi’s time! The ad popping up during search destroys a smooth user experience for the basic function of the app. Kobi had to press the ‘Back’ button to go back to the screen to continue typing in the search bar. 

The third time the ad popped up, pressing the ‘Dismiss’ button and ‘Back button’ both didn’t work. Kobi had to exit the app without having found the definition of the word. That was frustrating and inefficient. 

When Kobi tried searching for ‘ambivalent’ the second time, after quitting the app, it said there was no match found, which shouldn’t be the case for such a common word. Kobi went to www.merriam-webster online and searched for ‘ambivalent’ and the definition showed up immediately. 


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File Size: 2.46

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Version Reviewed: 2.46

Review Date: 21 Jan 2023

Last Updated: 10 April 2023